Reasons Not To Get A Cane Corso

♥ The main draw is their appearance. Whether you’re in love with a fat, smooshy puppy or you think that their intimidating appearance will somehow make you intimidating…both are a terrible reason to get a dog, especially a Cane Corso.

♥ You don’t have much experience with dogs or only with small/submissive dogs.

♥ You plan on keeping the dog outside – chained up or not.

♥ You think that hitting a dog is a good way to show him “who’s boss”.

♥ You want a dog who loves everyone.

♥ You don’t have the time or interest in training and socializing your dog.

♥ You don’t want to educate people who are new to your dog.

♥ You dislike physical activity.

♥ Slobber disgusts you.

♥ You are unwilling to seek professional help with your dog if needed.

♥ You are a passive/submissive person.

♥ Barking or protective behavior is undesirable to you.

♥ You aren’t ready to commit for the dog’s lifetime.

♥ You don’t want a dog that follows you everywhere, they are called Velcro Dogs for a reason.

♥ The neatness of your home is more important than a dog.

♥ The cost of care for a Cane Corso has not been though out.

♥ You haven’t thought about the responsibilities that come with owning a dog so strong.

♥ You like the idea of having a dog you could “sic” on people or animals either seriously or to show others how mean/scary your dog can look.

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