The rescue crew’s creed is structured and preserved through its daily devotion to six fundamental “I CARED” principles. We believe that the power of Inspiration, Collaboration, Accountability, Respect, Enthusiasm, and Dedication will encourage others to care, will empower individuals to act, and will cause people to change. Our creed:

Inspiration: We value the power of knowledge. Recognizing that the greatest impact of good occurs by developing an understanding of the Cane Corso as a companion breed and rescue as a reactive entity to the errors of mankind. We stimulate action by expending knowledge and through responsible leadership.

Collaboration: We value working cooperatively as part of a group in which there is a shared mission and vision; we recognize there is a greater likelihood of achievement when efforts and energies are collective and concise.

Accountability: We value taking responsibility for our actions and recognize the results of those actions; we do what we say we will do. Our effectiveness is measured to the extent Cane Corso lives are saved, to the extent their quality of life is improved, and to the extent that the people we touch have a positive, rewarding experience.

Respect: We value the unbiased consideration, treatment, and regard for the rights, values, and beliefs of all other people. We treat others as we ourselves would wish to be treated. We demonstrate compassion and respect for the Cane Corso as well as to processes and individuals associated with rescue.

Enthusiasm: We value saving each Corso life. Our passion grows exponentially with each adoption; we celebrate the opportunity to reestablish the Human-Corso bond as a victory against the abused, neglected, and abandoned – as it is, a testament that there is more good than evil – and, a loving family exists for every Corso in need.

Dedication: We value hard work and the spirit of volunteerism. Our devotion to the humans and Cane Corsos we serve is evident in all that we do. The results of this service can be observed throughout our communities and across our nation.

melanieCorso Crew Creed