I was evicted from the only home I ever knew because the new “lady of the house” didn’t want me around.  My foster family thinks I’m super cool, but I really need to find a family of my own.  I am not big on a lot of commotion so I am looking to find a quiet home with some older folks or empty nesters who would welcome having a big old boy like me for company.  Having been an only child my entire life, I am somewhat spoiled and don’t necessarily want to share my home or family, so I would be a good choice in a home as an only pet.  But, I do get along with my foster cousins, so another girl of the same size could be tolerated.  I love being with people and thoroughly enjoy being brushed, petted, and talked to.  I am an excellent listener and sometimes I even talk back!  I enjoy long walks around the yard and walk very nicely on a leash.  And car rides… oh how I love riding in the back of foster mom’s SUV.  I know some basic commands and I excel at sit, but we are working on a few more.  I will walk to the door and bark when I need to go outside.  I am crate trained and I am used to being crated during the day when my foster mom goes to work to earn money to buy me treats.  Speaking of treats, I am very gentle when offered cookies AND I can even catch them if you toss them to me!  I really, really love toys and I hoard them in my crate.  Kong’s are my favorite chew toys, especially when they are filled with peanut butter!  They keep me busy for hours.  I also like to chase the Kong ball in the back yard although I am a bit clumsy due to my size.  I love the outdoors and like to lay in the sun on the deck and roll in the grass to scratch my back.  My perfect home would have a fenced yard so I could spend more time outside enjoying life.

melanieDoc-RAINBOW BRIDGE :(