Ice will let you know if you’re a light sleeper. That’s because you can hear her snoring throughout your entire house. Ice came as a pair with Dom. They were raised together. Ice is a very gentle dog. She interacts with Dom perfectly of course. Her sweet velvet head and her butt is where she likes pets the best. Ice goes on walks but finds it a bit difficult due to her weight. She came to us at a higher weight. She is now at 130 pounds on the scale. She is on a organized walking schedule which helps. She is not a toy dog. She much prefers rawhides (made in the USA, of course). She does know sit and stay. She is extremely loyal. We dealt with some separation anxiety at first with Dom therefore we keep their crates right up next to each other. Ice has been very spoiled by her foster mom. Each day she gets her crate wiped down inside, air dry, and then a fresh blanket put in to lay on. Consider it like a mint on your pillow service. Dom of course receives the same. She does like treats but seems uninterested unless someone brings her attention. She is completely housebroken. She sleeps in her crate during the day with the door open. Why wouldn’t she?? It’s like an apartment in there.  She does fantastic with the vet however always have a towel handy for this girl. She has had interaction with another female dog around 50 pounds.