Kaia was rescued from an urban hoarding situation emaciated and pregnant. In her foster home, she quickly transformed. After the birth of her beautiful puppies (what a good Momma she was) we finally began to see the Corso Kaia truly is. She is excited and joyful to finally experience the puppyhood and family life she missed. Kaia loves all things family. She loves walking with a baby stroller, her home, and the company of her people. Her people are greeted with a happy trot that ends in a rollover at our feet with maximum belly exposure! Kaia loves belly rubs and enjoys a good meal! She loves warm blankets, dog beds, romping in leaves, finding a stick and snuggling in your lap. She has NO idea how big she is and tries to fit into laps. She has learned to enjoy toys, but really she’s all about her people. 

AGE2 year
CHILDREN?Yes, with introductions
Dann HitchingsKaia – ADOPTED