Hi,I’m Ryker, first and foremost don’t let my few grey hairs fool you because I am still a vivacious 3 and a half year old girl!  I am game for lounging around and am more on the mellow side, however if you are up for a jog, or a hike, I will be right there by your side, and I make it easy because I take direction on the leash very well.  Enjoying a nice meal for dinner?  Don’t worry, I won’t beg or bother you, and honestly anything you tell me not to do I am always more than happy to abide because i just LOVE to make my humans happy with me.  I love to snuggle and participate in training sessions cuz that means treats (which i take very gently as well.) Now obviously no pup is completely perfect, that being said, I do snore sometimes but my foster parents don’t seem to mind.