Valerian, who doesn’t know her name and prefers being called “Little Puppy” is an amazing young girl. She is doing decent with her potty training, will do anything for a “cookie” (dog treat), has conquered sit, and it working on down and wait. She is very energetic at this point in her life and would do best with a male dog who is submissive as I can tell she is a fire cracker. She looks up to her foster sisters and will mimic the things that they do. She is very loving, likes being picked up, but not held, loves to cuddle when she gets worn out from playing. She is still a little mouthy which has proven difficult to break with her. I wouldn’t recommend super small kids as she has no idea of her power and her puppy nipping is not a great feeling. As of 8/26/19 she weighed almost 23 pounds.
She is currently living with a female cane corso and a female malinois/Mastiff mix who she has tried challenging on a few occasions and Valerian does NOT back down once she does challenge the mix dog. She does not challenge the corso, as our corso is VERY laid back and gives her whatever she wants. She also lives with a cat. She has not harmed him but is very curious of him and a little pushy. I think that she will grow out of that though, just general puppy curiosity. She is very playful, loves nylabones, pork chomps, milkbones, and stuffed squeaky toys. She has yet to meet a stranger and has loved all people she has met. I would recommend a fully fenced yard, as when I take her out front on a leash and a car drives by, she will try to chase the car. She is very curious, likes being my shadow, and even stalks me in the shower sometimes. She does AWESOME while crated while we are at work (8+ hours) and does not make messes in her crate. We love her and if she was a boy, she probably would be a foster fail!


AGE12 Weeks

Dann HitchingsValerian – 12 Week old Female