Princess Xena is a beautiful, well-sprited, elderly Cane Corso who loves to go for walks and visit the park every day. She enjoys eating chicken and eggs as well as being petted and shown attention from anyone. She is very smart and eager to pleas as she knows sit, stay, give me your paw, and is learning down. Although she is an elderly dog, she is eager to learn new things and to please her human. Xena‘s past is a bit sad. It is obvious that  she was loved by her previous owner. She might have shared his food because she prefers human food rather than kibble, but we are working on that. When her owner passed from a serious accident, the sister took her in. Unfortunately, after 6 months Xena was taken to the bet to be euthanized. Even though she is elderly, the vet could not support this desire and refused euthanasia. That is when the Crew of Must Love Corsos Rescue entered Xena‘s life. Today, Xena is doing wonderfully for her age. She did/does have some separation anxiety, but is overcoming it. For example, when first entering foster care, she did not  seem to be interested in  doing much of anything. She constantly looked out the window or the gate longingly. Today, she plays with a tennis ball, wants to go for walks, learns new things, and has stopped that longingly look (perhaps for her original owner). Xena is truly a beautiful soul. She is a real sweetheart and her foster mom feels fortunate to have the opportunity to foster her.
melanieXena-RAINBOW BRIDGE :(