Must Love Corsos Rescue is a community-based non-profit rescue dedicated to saving the lives of neglected and abandoned Cane Corsos.

MLCR Surrender Policy

Your dog would much rather spend the rest of their life with you – their family – no matter what the situation (less time, smaller living area) than they would with anyone else.

Uprooting them is very hard on them because they don’t understand why their family went away. That’s why, as rescuers, we try very hard to keep pets in good homes. Experts in the animal field agree that a dog requires a mere 15 minutes of one-on-one time with his master per day, to be happy, healthy, and well-adjusted!

That could be simply spent lying in bed at night watching TV. together, playing ball in the backyard for 15 minutes while dinner is cooking, or going for a walk or jog! Surely you can spare 15 minutes per day.  Pets reduce personal stress and can add years to your life – make the time for you AND your dog.

Overshare to give your dog a chance of acceptance into our program!

With over a dozen requests weekly to intake Corsos, we do not consider applications with minimum information.


*If accepted into MLCR, you lose all rights to your unwanted pet. You will not be able to visit, receive updates, or have any decision-making power in the pet’s future care and arrangements. If MLCR agrees to accept your pet into the program, you must complete an Owner Surrender Application that severs all ties between you and your unwanted pet.

*If your unwanted pet is not already “fixed”, a monetary donation is required to help offset the cost of your pet’s needed vet care. While every dog we adopt out is spayed/neutered, current on vaccines, heartworm tested, and microchipped, we are a non-profit group that cannot pay for all of your unwanted pet’s needs without your help. We request that you donate to cover the spay/neuter expense and/or the cost to make vetting current.

*If any questions are left unanswered, the application for surrender will NOT be considered.

*If you have to surrender a litter of puppies, we would highly recommend that you allow us to keep the nursing mother until the puppies are weaned. The puppies have a better chance of survival if we have the nursing mother.

*We do not home or re-home animals that are deemed vicious or dangerous to the public.

*Did you acquire the Corso from a breeder? If so, have you contacted the breeder? If s/he is at all reputable, you would have signed a contract at the time you purchased your Corso, stipulating that the dog should be returned if you decide to no longer keep him. Please contact your breeder before contacting MLCR.

*Did you acquire your Corso from a Rescue Organization? If so, have you contacted that rescue organization? If they are reputable, you would have signed a contract at the time you adopted your dog, stipulating that the dog must be returned to them if you decide to no longer keep him or her for any reason.

*We spend time assessing the dog prior to their arrival through our intake process. This is where we learn about the dog’s likes and dislikes, and personality. By being honest with us, you can help your Corso one last time as the information shared will contribute to the home that would be most suitable for him/her and will most definitely contribute to a successful rehoming experience.

*It is vitally important that we have a complete medical history of the dog. Contact your vet and get a copy of your dog’s medical records, including rabies tag and microchip registration, if applicable. This will save him/her from being unnecessarily re-vaccinated.  If the dog is microchipped we require the chip to be transferred to MLCR before we take the dog. Taking responsibility for these veterinary necessities for your own dog will allow us to place your dog sooner and allow the rescue to channel funds to the truly neglected and medically needy Corsos.

*If you do have an animal with special needs (allergies, seizures, arthritis, etc.), please consider making a donation towards their care.  This helps to ensure that the rescue will not take on a large financial obligation that we don’t have the resources for.

*Determine which of your dog’s belongings you can send with him/her. Having his/her crate, bed, toys, jacket, etc., not only keeps the dog more comfortable by being around familiar objects but also relieves the rescue of having to purchase these items for your dog. Please send food, medications, and/or supplements, along with instructions for administration.